Los Changuitos Feos
de Tucson

Quality Mariachi Youth Group Since 1964


"De Tucson" we can understand, but why Ugly Little Monkeys? According to an early Changuito, the name and logo were conceived by Mr. John Ivanoff, a friend of Fr. Rourke and also an uncle of Cosme Barcelo, Jr., one of the original seven group members. John Ivanoff was a parishoner and usher of All Saints Church and a graphic artist for Tucson Unified School District (then called "District 1"). When he presented his ideas to Fr. Rourke, Fr. Rourke immediately liked them and from that time on, the group became known as Los Changuitos Feos." In all truthfulness," recalls early Chango Robert Bourland, "we tried very hard to get them to give us a more professional, 'grown-up' sounding name, but much to our dismay, Fr. Rourke decided to stay with the name, Los Changuitos Feos."

A response to the name by Israel Molina, c. 1977 (Collection of Freddy Alvarez)